TSO, a Williams Lea company, is excited to announce a brand-new collaboration with RedWizard, a leading consultancy delivering workforce change and transformation.

Together we’re launching a new eLearning resource to help those involved in hiring freelance or contingent talent to comply with best practice. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding of compliance requirements for companies engaging non-employee labour, upskilling managers, and providing the critical framework they need to operate successfully.

RedWizard has extensive experience advising companies working with contingent workforces. Their deep understanding of the flexible labour market helped them spot a significant gap in client knowledge. While many companies rely on contingent talent, not many fully understand the associated risks and best practices required to ensure compliance.

To solve this problem, they have developed an innovative, user-friendly, and comprehensive training program specifically tailored towards anyone recruiting freelance / contingent talent. The training aims to mitigate risks, enhance skills, and empower professionals to excel at what they do.

TSO has helped RedWizard to turn their content into user-focused eLearning, using our expertise and technology solutions, so that more people can access and understand this best practice.

TSO is recognised as a trusted partner in the public and regulatory sectors with a reputation for no-fail delivery and expertise in publishing complex information and guidance. We manage authoritative information so that it is structured, accurate and up to date including across websites, apps, books, tools, and eLearning.

Jools Barrow-Read, RedWizard founder said:

“We’re excited about partnering with TSO to address the needs of managers engaging and managing freelancers, contractors and other temporary staff. As we look toward the blended workforce of the future, fluency in these skills will become increasingly critical for businesses. Upskilling staff now will help ensure companies can operate compliantly as their flexible workforces grow and diversify in the future.”

Richard South, Managing Director at TSO shares his thoughts:

“We're pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with RedWizard. This combines our expertise to develop a valuable learning resource for the benefit of businesses looking to mitigate risk and ensure their compliance in managing their contingent workforce. This partnership will provide the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complexities of today's workforce dynamics.”

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