Our Solutions

TSO helps our clients make regulations and standards easier to use and understand. We manage authoritative information so that it is structured, accurate and up to date. From that information we create content and user-focused resources including websites, apps, books, tools and eLearning. This helps people and organizations change their behaviour to perform better, whether by complying with regulations, adopting best practice or improving safety.

Publishing user-focused products

Enabled by our publishing and app technology platforms, TSO turns your authoritative information into the formats most useful to people including websites, books, eBooks, apps, elearning and tools. 

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Connecting with your audience

TSO has global reach and established sales and marketing channels, including ecommerce capability, to increase awareness and adoption of your products and services. Our customer support team provides excellent care and assistance to your users. 

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Developing and managing content

TSO manages your complex regulatory and best practice information so that it is always accurate. We create new authoritative and complementary content to explain standards and guidance and make it easy to understand and use.

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