Understanding Google Analytics Cookies

At TSO, we're committed to making complex information accessible and understandable. Just like we manage authoritative content for our clients, we use Google Analytics cookies to streamline and enhance your experience on our website.

What Are Google Analytics Cookies?

In our quest to simplify and clarify, Google Analytics cookies are our tools for understanding how you interact with our website. They gather data about your visit – like which pages you find most useful and how you navigate our resources – ensuring that we're always aligned with your needs and preferences.

Types of Google Analytics Cookies

Utilising Analytics for Improvement

Just as we curate content and tools for better compliance and safety, we use Google Analytics data to fine-tune our website. This data is pivotal in making our digital resources more intuitive and responsive to your needs.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

In managing sensitive information, your privacy remains our top priority. All data collected is anonymized and handled with the utmost care, adhering strictly to GDPR guidelines.

Cookie Management

To align with your preferences, you can opt-out of Google Analytics cookies through your browser settings or by utilising tools like the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. You can manage your preferences here Manage cookie preferencesor find it in the corporate information footer menu.

Further Information

For more about Google Analytics and privacy, visit Google Analytics Privacy. For any queries, please reach out to global.privacy@williamslea.com.

LinkedIn Cookies at TSO

At TSO, we believe in the power of well-structured and accurate information. Our use of LinkedIn cookies on our website mirrors this belief, helping us connect you with content that resonates with your professional interests.

What Are LinkedIn Cookies?

LinkedIn cookies are our digital tools for understanding your engagement with our LinkedIn content. They provide insights into how our LinkedIn campaigns perform, ensuring that we deliver content that is not just informative but also relevant to you.

Types of LinkedIn Cookies

Purpose of LinkedIn Cookies

These cookies are instrumental in tailoring our LinkedIn presence. They guide us in refining our content strategy, ensuring that what we share is not only insightful but also aligned with your professional needs.

Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is integral to our ethos of managing authoritative information. We handle all data in compliance with GDPR & UK GDPR, respecting your right to privacy and informed consent.

Managing Your Preferences

You have complete control over your cookie preferences, you can manage them here Manage cookie preferences. Adjust them through your LinkedIn settings or browser preferences. For opting out of LinkedIn’s targeted ads, modify your LinkedIn ad settings.

Further Information

For a deeper understanding of LinkedIn's cookie usage, visit LinkedIn's Cookie Policy. For any further information or queries, please contact global.privacy@williamslea.com.

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