Publishing Platform

TSO’s publishing platform has been developed specifically to meet the needs of regulators and providers of best practice standards and guidance. It includes intuitive tools and automated workflows to enable streamlined processes. Complex content is managed in an open and accessible XML format enabling seamless publishing across multiple channels with flexibility and accuracy.

Publishing platform
Publishing platform

The publishing platform enables:

Improved productivity – automated workflows and intuitive authoring tools enable you to focus more on content and less on administrative tasks.

Accurate content management – master content is transformed and managed in open and accessible XML format which enables publishing into multiple formats whilst maintaining consistency and accuracy.

Enhanced collaboration – smoother processes with seamless collaboration across authors, editors and designers.

Multi-channel dissemination – consistently publish accurate content across a range of channels including web, mobile, social and offline to reach the widest audience.

PDFs for print output – create print ready PDFs directly from XML content to enable flexibility, accuracy and greater speed of production.


Publishing platform

Scalability and reliability – handles large volumes of content effortlessly and ensures high availability and uptime for both content creators and website users.

Content security and compliance – industry standards and regulations safeguard your content and brand reputation.

Enhanced usability – built-in functionality enables enhanced presentation and search of published content, including time travel to see how content has changed over time.

Income generation – implement revenue streams such as subscription models, ecommerce and ad integration.

Robust analytics and reporting – gain valuable insight into user behaviour, content performance and engagement metrics to enable data-driven decision making.

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