TSO is thrilled to announce being shortlisted in two categories at the Safety and Health Excellence Awards taking place at the VOX in Birmingham on 1 May 2024.

TSO is the official publications and products partner for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), managing a portfolio of products and online tools to enhance compliance with health and safety regulations. 

We have been shortlisted in:

1) Best Use of Health and Safety Data to Lower Incident Rates Award
2) The Safer Logistics Award

The ‘Best use of Health and Safety Data’ nomination was the result of our work in championing and managing the Stress Indicator Tool data to improve organisational health and safety performance. The tool measures the six areas of work design known to be the likely root causes of work-related stress, depression, and anxiety. With this data, organisations can understand how their workers are feeling and can allocate resource in the correct areas to manage this ongoing issue.

The nomination stated, ‘In a landscape where health issues continue to rise and are often overshadowed by reactive measures, TSO's proactive risk management approach, working with HSE, empowers organisations to prevent health issues before they arise. TSO is proactive in both developing tools and disseminating knowledge and insights through regular product and topic webinars. These webinars have attracted thousands of health and safety professionals, creating a community dedicated to advancing best practices and driving continuous improvement in health and safety.

More information on the Stress Indicator Tool: https://books.hse.gov.uk/Stress-Indicator-Tool

The second nomination, for Safer Logistics, is due to TSO’s work in creating a digital version of the Back Injury Risks in Driving (BIRD) Tool. This tool is designed to identify potential musculoskeletal hazards for those who drive for work.

TSO collaborated with HSE's policy and technical departments, along with key industry stakeholders, to assess how users interacted with different setups, such as seating arrangements, steering wheel positions, duration spent driving, and control designs. Following rigorous testing, the BIRD tool has been successfully implemented by organisations in various sectors, including waste management, quarries, healthcare, logistics and emergency services. By systematically addressing ergonomic concerns and optimising vehicle setups, the project aimed to alleviate strain on workers, thereby reducing the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorders over time.

More information on the BIRD tool: https://books.hse.gov.uk/Back-Injury-Risks-in-Driving-BIRD-Tool

Carl Whitman, Marketing Manager at TSO, said “It is fantastic to be shortlisted and recognised for our continual hard work in developing the HSE online tools and raising our profile to core markets. The award ceremony promises to be a great evening and we look forward to acknowledging all of the industry’s efforts.”

Visit Health and Safety Matters for the full list of awards and nominees: https://www.hsmsearch.com/SHE-Awards0-2024-Shortlist-announced

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