TSO is the official publications and products partner for Great Britain’s health and safety regulator: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE). As part of this contract, TSO manages the online SaaS culture and assessment tools. These premium tools provide organisations with unique insights to measure and understand their health and safety performance and identify where they need to focus for improvement.

TSO’s publishing solution includes a marketing and sales function tasked with raising awareness and adoption of these digital tools. To do this, we analyse the market and identify ways of showcasing the problem and how these tools can be used to support. This led to the introduction of informative live webinars hosted by TSO to improve customer knowledge and understanding on the various topics.

Over the last nine months, we have hosted 12 health and safety webinars and collaborated with HSE policy teams, and other leading industry bodies, to present the common issues found and proactive ways to manage them. After the webinars we actively ask for user feedback so we can continually refine them to ensure we are adding value and delivering on audience expectation. This new way of working has led to more than 19,500 registrations and a potential sales pipeline exceeding £25M.

Carl Whitman, TSO Marketing Manager and host of the webinars, said “It is fantastic to see how these webinars have developed over the past few months. We continually ask for feedback and research new ways of delivering presentations so that it resonates with our audiences and makes them think differently to drive action. We have had some brilliant engagement through these sessions which shows our breadth and capabilities in this area. Thank you to all who have taken part so far and we look forward to making our future sessions a success.”

Audience comments received:

“I wanted to say that this has been the most informative and practical health and safety seminar I have attended in a long time, all speakers brilliant and knowledgeable!! - Thank you.”

“Excellent webinar! Very informative and I will be looking to book a demo and put a business proposal together for implementing this tool.”

“I really enjoyed this webinar. Very useful information to take away back to work. Thank you.”

To learn more, register for our next webinar or watch a previous one on-demand:
•  Safety Climate Tool - https://books.hse.gov.uk/Safety-Climate-Tool
•  Stress Indicator Tool - https://books.hse.gov.uk/Stress-Indicator-Tool
•  MSD Assessment Tool - https://books.hse.gov.uk/MSD-Assessment-Tool

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