TSO is excited to announce the upcoming release of ‘Upheaval: An Executive’s Guide to Organizational Digital Leadership’ by celebrated author, speaker, and transformation consultant Patti Blackstaffe. The book is now available for pre-order, with international release on 3rd March.

In a world of complex digital change, this publication will help you shape the leadership skills needed for success. Patti Blackstaffe, a seasoned digital leadership adviser, distils decades of expertise into actionable insights.

Upheaval: An Executive’s Guide to Organizational Digital Leadership isn’t an ordinary leadership guide. It’s a strategic playbook for executives who are defining and hiring digital leadership at an organizational level. It will help to ensure digital leadership has the capacity and capability to lead skilled teams to achieve business outcomes. 

“We’re excited to work with TSO to bring executives a path to building systemic digital leadership and modernizing leadership development for the digital age. As we envision the future workplace, we see organizations strategically define leadership, align leadership principles to business outcomes, and invest in leader development. They will need organizational training essentials that lead to adaptable, resilient, and cohesive teams capable of readjusting the sails to the many converging forces hitting them in today’s interconnected world.” said Patti Blackstaffe.  

Richard South, Managing Director at TSO, says "TSO is excited to collaborate with GlobalSway to bring the principles of successful digital leadership to a wide audience. The publication of ‘Upheaval’ will provide practical tools to support organizational performance in a digital environment.”

You can pre-order your copy now on TSO shop and Amazon.com

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