LOCOG - London 2012

An Online PoS Catalogue fit for London 2012

When the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) needed an online catalogue at short notice, TSO’s Technical Services team designed and delivered it ready to take orders in just three weeks.

Online Catalogue benefits

  • Proven TSO technology that can support high traffic websites
  • Contains core eCommerce functionality as standard
  • Quickly customisable for rapid implementation
  • Perfect for sites with lots of content to present to users

What was needed?  

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) needed to develop an online store. Their Partners, official and general retailers needed to purchase Point of Sale (PoS) material quickly and easily. LOCOG was already a customer of Williams Lea, so TSO, Williams Lea’s publishing division, took the opportunity to pitch.

TSO was quickly appointed to deliver the project, which had to go live in just three weeks, with no room for delays, as the go-live dates were already in the public domain.

What did TSO deliver?

Live and ready to take orders within deadline, the LOCOG online store, named ‘Point of Sale Catalogue for Official London 2012 Merchandise’ or POS2012 for short, provided a fully searchable catalogue of PoS materials available to retailers with images, secure logon, online credit card payments, and shopping basket features such as ‘save basket for later’. The entire catalogue can hold over three million records and easily handles over 4,000 transactions per month.

TSO hosted the website on its own web servers and it was developed using TSO’s Online Catalogue.  The Online Catalogue is a fully customizable, robust webstore that can be used to quickly produce unique and engaging user experiences, presenting content based on data held in the underlying TSO content management system.

This approach means that changes and updates can quickly be implemented to both the site’s structure and products that it sells.  LOCOG worked with TSO to enhance its webstore with new features and uploaded fresh PoS materials into the content management system.


How did TSO do it?

TSO provides a whole host of front and back-end web development services.  For the LOCOG project TSO’s Technical Solutions team provided design, development, testing and customer support to ensure the successful go-live.  The requirements for the project were very brief from LOCOG, consisting of just one page of expected features, with many technical details to be ironed out.

LOCOG had absolute trust in TSO’s ability to deliver and left all architectural and technical decisions with the project manager.

A five strong team was put onto this fast moving project. It consisted of three developers, a web editor, and the project manager.  Throughout the project TSO worked directly with the customer, rather than through Williams Lea, to ensure decisions could be made in the shortest possible time and nothing slowed development.

At the heart of the project was TSO’s Online Catalogue, which provides all the standard functionality you would expect from a front and back-end webstore. It can be easily tailored and rebranded, and includes a content management system to keep the London 2012 PoS materials updated. The whole Online Catalogue can quickly be fully customised to meet a customer’s needs; this allows rapid implementation and is based on robust and proven technology. This technology currently supports TSO’s own online shop and at least seven white labelled sites.

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