The Hansard (Official reports) iPad app


Users are looking for more choice in the way they consume and share content. In response to this demand we’ve evolved our publishing from print to a range of digital formats. In addition we provide functionality for ministers to keep constituents engaged by sharing their daily activities.

The Hansard (Official Report) provides an edited record of what was said in Parliament and NIA. It also includes votes, written ministerial statements and written answers to House of Commons and House of Lords parliamentary questions. The report is published to cover the preceding day and is followed by a final bound volume version.

For many years the text of Daily Debates in the Commons, Lords and NIA has been published online and in hard copy. We have delivered the Hansard providing printed reports and ensuring reports are available by 7.30am the next working day for over 100 years.

With the onset of new technology, change is now possible. We’ve enabled Parliament to have information at their fingertips wherever they are with web and app editions available before 6am each morning.


This new app was developed working with the support of House of Commons, House of Lords, and the Northern Ireland Assembly, taking into account years of experience in reliably producing the printed Hansard (Official Report) for each sitting.

Now this daily digest of information is available to individuals’ devices. This revolutionises the way that Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)s access this information, enabling them to work collaboratively, marking up information in reports digitally to share, discuss, and debate via email, or twitter to continue the conversation. Referring to related information is made easy searching across these content resources.

The information is well structured in the app to provide a choice of user friendly navigation making it straightforward to locate content from the previous day’s sitting.

Ministers can now stop carrying piles of documents around, and enjoy storing reports with the ability to manage their editions by deleting and restoring them.

The Result

The app is available on the Apple iTunes store and users can subscribe to a complete bundle of Lords, Commons or NIA Official Reports. Parliamentary and NIA staff have free access with alerts for new editions and updates. Content downloads in seconds. The general public can purchase Official reports either individually or on annual subscription.

•    132 downloads within the first week
•    Storage for hundreds of Official Reports on the iPad at any one time
•    User friendly navigation
•    Integrated functionality for sharing and collaborative working

“We’re delighted with the increasing adoption rates we’re seeing. Our Parliamentary testing team enthusiastically embraced this new tool. We have already made improvements through testing and witnessed first-hand the revolutionary changes this new tool makes. Our users have been surprised by the difference, making life easier by simplifying daily tasks enormously.”
Andrew Allen, Director Publishing and Parliament

"What a brilliant little thing this App is. I find it absolutely invaluable. I can't think what I did without it with all those clunky Hansards. Now I can look, check and easily email selected text all at the same time. WHY didn't we have this before??"

"Seriously if you haven't got it, get it. It’s great."
Paddy Ashdown, UK Politician/Diplomat

Next Steps

This flexible platform can be adapted to include other Parliament and Assembly Official Reports.

To discuss your needs further please contact:
Andrew Allen
Tel: 0207 394 4218