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About the partnership

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is responsible for setting standards for drivers, riders and trainers and conducting practical and theory tests for drivers and riders in the UK. DVSA’s vision is ‘Safe Driving for Life™’ with an overall mission to contribute to reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured in road collisions. Providing driver education and learning resources is one of the ways DVSA aims to achieve this objective.

TSO has been DVSA’s publishing partner for more than 20 years and retained the contract to publish the DVSA range through competitive tender in 2011. Under the new contract TSO is expanding DVSA’s range of high quality, multimedia products so that all road users can access DVSA’s information in the ways they want.


Working with TSO has enabled DVSA’s learning to drive range of products to maintain a market leading position. In order to retain that position it is important for TSO to regularly review and improve product design and messaging, formats, content and routes to market.

The ‘Safe Driving for Life’ challenge for DVSA is to reach people before they start driving or riding, whilst they’re going through the learning process, and after they have passed their test by encouraging them to continually refresh their knowledge.


TSO already provides a full range of publishing solutions to DVSA, including content commissioning, editorial and design services, multi-format publishing and sales, marketing and distribution.

DSA Theory Test appAs part of the new contract TSO has added iPhone apps for learner drivers and eBooks to the extensive portfolio of official DVSA products.

To enable DVSA to deliver their ‘Safe Driving for Life’ message and standards to drivers at every stage in the driving lifecycle, in the format they prefer, TSO is developing a sophisticated single source content management system. This approach moves from a ‘book’ focused approach to a ‘topic’ focused approach. It will make it easier to re-use content and create content relevant for specific audiences – such as new drivers, older drivers, or drivers who have incurred a penalty – in a range of appropriate formats including eBooks, web content and apps.

TSO has worked with specialists to create an information architecture that reflects the National Driving and Riding Standards™and Syllabuses. This metadata framework enables the topics in the content repository to be defined and organised and for new content to be commissioned to fill any gaps. Existing and newly-commissioned content will be stored and managed in a centralised XML media-neutral repository, so that it is approved and updated in one place and can be re-purposed. Images, audio and video files are also stored in the repository.


TSO’s single source content management approach will enable a range of truly interactive resources for learners and instructors to be created.

Jane Ide, DVSA’s Director of Engagement and Communication comments, "I’m so pleased to see our partnership with TSO keeping us among the bestsellers and that we’re expanding into all the new formats our customers want. The partnership is all about stepping stones towards genuine education and learning, and having a tangible impact on road safety."

Safe Driving for Life™ and National Driving and Riding Standards™ are trademarks of the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

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