Richard Goodwin; Organograms Reaping the benefits of Linked Data - Part 2

Demonstrating the benefits to government and citizens

Richard tells the story of the Civil Service Yearbook (CSYB) and how it became the precursor of the Organograms project, explaining the benefits of Linked Data project, an outcome that is cost-effective and scalable with negligible incremental costs.

He explains the context around transparency – the ‘Who does what in Whitehall and beyond initiative’ – otherwise known as the Organogram project that can be seen on and in other forms. The real benefits gained from the owner/publisher using the datasets for their own benefit and improving the machinery of government.

Richard outlines the mechanics of the project, the ability for people to publish in RDF, dealing with sensitive data. He explains the importance in the political world of being able to demonstrate the benefits of data to those that do not understand.


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