What is Linked Data?

How can Linked Data help organisations?

TSO's semantic experts explain Linked Data and how it can help organisations.


TSO’s experts explain Linked Data and how it connects information together on the web:

  • Looking at data not documents, extracting the meaning, and understanding how each of those different elements relate to each other
  • Ways of publishing data in an open linkable format, enabling publishing organisations to associate their content with 3rd party content and add value to the content to make it more relevant for the user
  • How Linked Data enables information to be shared and re-used, giving users the web page and data behind that web page
  • Creating insights from unstructured data, using the Data Enrichment Service to create structured information
  • Tim Berners Lee and the steps to open up 5 star quality data

To understand more about Linked Data and TSO’s OpenUp®solutions: