How can Linked Data help organisations?

How can Linked Data help organisations?

TSO's semantic experts explain how TSO has used Linked Data to help a number of organisations.

Hear more about:
Nature Publishing Group

The Cabinet Office - see Richard Goodwin's blog

The team explore how Linked Data can be useful for organisations:

  • Organisations can use Linked Data externally or internally to access data, and do a lot more with your data
  • It can be used to break out of information silos for instance relating e.g. customer data, with financial data
  • It can use Linked Data to bring things together from different business systems, using semantics to seamlessly join things
  • At the Enterprise level sharing and re-usability to publish data at lower cost, and produce semantic web visualisations to lower barriers to publish information
  • Attract new customers to paid for information

To understand more about Linked Data and TSO’s OpenUp®solutions: