G-Cloud 4 framework includes a range of TSO cloud services

The new G-Cloud 4 framework went live on 29 October, making it easy for public sector organisations to buy cloud based services through the Cloudstore. TSO continues to provide services across all four lots: Infrastructure as a Service; Platform as a Service; Software as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services.

TSO can provide the following services through the Cloudstore:

■   Application development – for websites and databases

■   Application hosting up to IL2

■   Application hosting up to IL3

■   Consumer web shop – a white label online shopping platform

■   Data Enrichment Service – extracting information and creating linked data to make information more discoverable

■   E-procurement catalogue – for ordering and customising collateral

■   MarkLogic hosting – robust and scalable data hosting

■   Mobile app development – including user-experience (UX) design, coding, testing, deployment and support

■   Open data development – to achieve Level 5 Public Sector Transparency Board Principles and open data standards

■   Professional data services – access to our team of semantic experts

■   RDF Triplestore – a highly-scalable, cloud-based, enterprise-class, RDF storage platform and query engine

■   Website development – specialising in WordPress, Drupal, .NET, C, C++, C#, ASP, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, HTML, HTML5, as well as RESTful and SOAP web services

For more information visit the Cloudstore and search for The Stationery Office.

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