TSO extends OpenUp deadline

On 18 May 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new ‘right to data’ as part of the Government’s Big Society vision, so that government-held datasets can be requested and used by the public. At the launch of the ‘Big Society’ programme, the Prime Minister said “I think crime maps, the right to data, and opening up government data, so that people can see how a social enterprise or a voluntary body could do better what government already does, is part of the agenda.”

The OpenUp challenge, launched by TSO in March, gives the British public a chance to tell us what public data they want access to and how they want it presented to keep them better informed. Find out more about OpenUp at www.tso.co.uk/openupopens in new window

In light of developments in government over the last two weeks we have extended the closing date for OpenUp entries to 29 October 2010, giving everyone the best chance to come up with the winning idea.

For updates on OpenUp and information about the latest data available on data.gov.uk: