TSO announces major new platform to accelerate open data drive

TSO (The Stationery Office), the public sector division of Williams Lea, has today announced a partnership with Garlik, the leading semantic technology innovator, to launch what is believed to be the world's most scalable, securely hosted RDF platform for use by UK Central and Local Government departments.

As the largest publisher in the UK of public sector documents (over 8,000 titles a year), TSO has taken this proactive step to provide its core public sector customers with the ability to participate with confidence in the Government's open data initiative.

This move will enable the opening up of access to government data, in an effort to provide greater transparency across all Government departments. Information will be catalogued and published as open linked data to give the public an unprecedented level of access and insight into Government and to drive innovative re-use of public data.

“TSO is very excited about the drive to greater Government transparency through the open data initiative,” commented Richard Dell, CEO of TSO. “Key to this is ensuring that very large scale, robust platforms are available to all Government departments to enable them to host and publish their data without any concerns around security and scalability. Building on TSO's unrivalled experience in managing public sector websites and by partnering with Garlik to leverage their vast RDF store, 5Store, we will be able to ensure that our customers can move seamlessly to this new way of sharing critical data with the public. This in turn will contribute to meeting the Government’s requirements for a more open and transparent approach to sharing information.”

Based on 5Store, Garlik’s commercial RDF store, TSO’s platform is designed to scale across more than 1,000 servers and host well over a trillion triples.

TSO has been at the forefront of working with public sector clients to open up published data. We create tools and processes to allow data to be created in a structured way; enhance data using text engineering techniques; convert data into formats to publish as linked data on the web and provide and host web environments that allow both humans and machines to access the data.