Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems now published

TSO has recently published Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems: A Guide for Clinic and Workplace, Identifying Obstacles Using the Psychosocial Flags Framework.

Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems, based on the Flags Framework, is the essential handbook for helping people with musculoskeletal problems recover in order to stay active and return to work.

The Flags Framework provides a problem solving approach to musculoskeletal pain; setting out the steps that need to be taken, who needs to take them and when. The guidance uses a powerful combination of text, graphics and information boxes to present the facts, and includes summary posters and illustrative case stories.

The title 'Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems' reflects the fact that this publication is not so much about what the problem is, but how to do something about it in order to achieve early recovery. Flags are warning signals that psychosocial factors in or around an individual often act as obstacles to their recovery and return to work. The emphasis is on identifying obstacles, across the domains of the Person, the Workplace and the Context and then turning these into opportunities for action.

The guide is for everyone involved in tackling musculoskeletal problems; including those in the workplace (line managers, senior management, human resources, health & safety advisors), those working within healthcare (primary care practitioners, occupational health professionals, therapists and rehabilitation providers) and the allied players (claims handlers, insurers, lawyers, case managers, employment advisors and trainers).

Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems is priced at £17.95, ISBN 9780117037892

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