1 million copies of The Official Highway Code sold – have you got a copy of this life saver?

1 million copies of The Official Highway Code (2007 edition) have been sold in the UK by TSO – are you one of the other 33 million UK road users without this life saving book?

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is proud to announce record sales of the 2007 edition of The Official Highway Code. 1 million copies sold in 15 months compared to the previous 2004 edition which sold 1 million copies in 20 months. The Bookseller Magazine has also recorded this latest edition as the No1 best selling non-fiction paperback for 2008!

The Official Highway Code is for life, not just for learners. All road users – especially car drivers, motorcyclists, fleet drivers, transport managers, cyclists and pedestrians need to ensure they are as up-to-date as possible to help reduce road casualties in 2009.

You can get your copy of this life saving book today for only £2.50!

Rosemary Thew, DSA Chief Executive, said: “It is essential all motorists refresh their knowledge of the rules and signs of the roads time and time again. With now over a million copies of the new Highway Code sold, I think a lot more people are taking this important message on-board. This is definitely a thumbs-up for safer and more considerate driving.”

The Official Highway Code was first launched in 1931 and contains 307 numbered road rules as well as information on road signs, road markings, licence requirements and vehicle maintenance.

This best selling latest edition published 28 September 2007 and contains the very latest rules of the road. Many of these rules are legal requirements and must be adhered to in order to avoid penalty.

The Official Highway Code is an essential title for all road users as it reflects the most up-to-date legislation, as well as advice on road safety and best practice to help save lives.

The Official Highway Code is published by TSO (The Stationery Office Ltd), DSA’s official publishing partner. It is now more convenient than ever to get up-to-date with The Official Highway Code as it is available in book, interactive CD-ROM and British Sign Language DVD formats:

  • Visit www.tsoshop.co.uk/DSA,
  • Call +44 (0)870 243 0123
  • Or head to all good high street and online book stores, and selected computer software retailers to purchase.