The Gazette - Find Your Hero

Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 11:54.

Since 1665, The Gazette has been the UK’s official public record. Millions of state, legal and military notices can be found within its pages – including every single military promotion and medal ever awarded. During the First World War, it recorded thousands of heroic tales of bravery and self-sacrifice and it was with this in mind that an idea for a video was born.

Entitled “Find Your Hero”, the video is the brainchild of The Gazette’s commissioning editor Liam Tarry. Linking the front-line of 1914 to the front room of 2014, the video begins with our leading character carrying out a simple search on, before he’s transported back 100 years to France and into his ancestor’s boots.

“Being so close to The Gazette, I’m constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information that can be found within its pages. That’s why I wanted to write a script which not only demonstrated the courage of those men (and women!) who went to war, I wanted it to have a modern-day relevance, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!” said Liam.

You can view the Find Your Hero video here: