Find out more about how TSO is transforming public services at Civil Service Live

Friday, 4 July 2014, 21:57.

At Civil Service Live at the QEII Centre on 15th and 16th July, our experts will be giving short 10 minute talks and demonstrations on a range of topics. You can join us on stand 84 at the demo zone. If you miss us at Civil Service Live, you can contact us to find out more.

How to digitise public services

Tuesday 16:20 & Wednesday 12:30

Carey Farrell will demonstrate tools that have increased the efficiency of legislation drafting, validation, publication and updating, using collaboration and automation.

Carey Farrell is Client Services Director for The National Archives at TSO. He is responsible for TSO’s legislation publishing service for The National Archives and has overseen the development of the legislation publishing platform and

How to redesign public services

Tuesday 13:50 & Wednesday 10:50

Janine Eves and Holly Ellis will explain how user experience design and agile development were used in redeveloping The Gazette platform to create a permanent public record fit for a digital future.

Holly Ellis is Business Development Director at TSO and previously managed The Gazette through its transition from a paper based to online public record.

Janine Eves is TSO’s Business and Operations Director for The Gazette with responsibility for ensuring The Gazette delivers against the objectives set by The National Archives.

How to open up public datafor transparency and re-use

Tuesday 12:30, Wednesday 13:00 & 15:50

Carey Farrell and Holly Ellis will show how transformation to linked data and APIs are improving the transparency and reach of official information, using examples from legislation and The Gazette.

How to automatically identify names, dates and other useful information 

Tuesday 10:50 & 16:00

Pete Davis and Carey Farrell will show how semantic technology can unlock meaning from unstructured data. Using TSO’s Data Enrichment Service to explain the concept of natural language processing and semantic enrichment, they will then demonstrate how the same tools are used to turn plain text notices for The Gazette into structured data that can be automatically processed.

Pete Davis is Enterprise Architect at TSO and led the development of the new publishing platform for The Gazette.

How to drive value from content

Wednesday 11:10 & 14:10

Lisa Daniels will talk about how TSO is delivering DVSA’s “safe driving for life” vision through a market-leading publishing portfolio. Having created a taxonomy of safe driving guidance to structure existing content, TSO has created apps and new ebooks to ensure all road users can access the information in useful formats.

Lisa Daniels is Client Services Manager for DVSA at TSO and has led the development of the DVSA product portfolio including the market leading learning to drive app.

How to turn documents into data

Tuesday 12:00 & 14:40, Wednesday 14:50

Peter Camilleri and Pete Davis will show how digitizing archives has the potential to provide more useful data. Large scale scanning projects are the first step in making archives more useful and accessible and this demo will show how we are extracting value from The Gazette archives to create long term datasets that can reveal trends and historical information.

Peter Camilleri is Business Development Director at TSO, with experience in helping clients to get the most from their data. He has led projects with HMPO, The British Library and ONS.

If you miss the demo sessions at Civil Service Live please feel free to contact our experts for more information by emailing