Expanding the reach of your information

Friday, 1 June 2012, 15:52.

Publishers and content owners have many options when it comes to choosing a method of publication. The status quo for most consumers is still print books – but that is changing rapidly, and Amazon’s eBook sales often outstrip their print equivalents.

Much of TSO’s publishing activity is centered on public information, where wide distribution is a key aim. Wherever the reader is, however they want to access information – whether it’s via a book, a desktop PC or a mobile device – we want to get it to them.

Let’s take The Official Highway Code as an example; the rules of the road for England, Scotland and Wales. The diagram below shows just how TSO is maximising the reach of this iconic publication – at the latest count, ten formats through hundreds of access points!

Highway Code Access Diagram

Together, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and TSO continue to disseminate the information in new and innovative ways, working with educational specialists and, crucially, listening to people.

In addition to the publishing activities listed above, DSA also runs a very active Highway Code Facebook page, facebook.com/HighwayCodeGBopens in new window, and Twitter account, @HighwayCodeGBopens in new window, offering regular topical reminders, plus email, RSS feeds and website widgets.

TSO sold 638,000 copies of The Official Highway Code in a wide variety of formats in 2011. This is set to increase in 2012 as the number of access points makes it easier than ever for people to stay up to date with the rules of the road in whichever way they prefer.

Talk to us about multi-format publishing solutions: email solutions@tso.co.uk or call +44 (0)870 600 5522.